Cherry on top

The good thing?  A 10 mile walk through the Lake District.  A short ferry ride from Bo’ness to Ambleside then uphill most of the way before taking in the cherry on top – the views.

2016-07-17 14.02.35

Another cherry on top from it – it was downhill all the way back to Windermere from here 🙂





Looking up

looking up.jpg

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘looking up’.  This shot is looking up at Tower Bridge just before sailing under it.  Obviously it’s only a small part of a huge bridge!






This weeks weekly photo challenge is ‘opposites’.

This picture has the green of the tree, with the barren, but completely breath-taking and mind-blowing, landscape of the Grand Canyon in the background.  It’s also a view over to the North Rim from the South Rim.

This was taken in the Grand Canyon National Park probably around 7.30am.  It had been a much earlier start for sunrise!



For the Weekly Photo Challenge theme – partners – I present to you The Kelpies, the largest equine sculptures in the world situated at The Helix, Falkirk.

If you are ever in that part of the world, pay them a visit, they are mighty impressive!

From the top photograph it can be pretty hard to imagine their size as you don’t know where I was positioned to take the photo, this second shot should help show it though!

Kelpies 2




The curve of the lake next to the golf course in the Westin Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage not far from Palm Springs.

This was taken early morning and it was hot hot hot but so calm, quiet and peaceful with the mountains in the background!  It curves enough so you can catch a reflection of the sprinklers and some trees on the water.  The photo isn’t edited and there is a slight haze in the sky.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

2015-06-03 16.10.12


My first attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme pure.

I don’t know why, but as soon as I read the theme for this week I immediately thought of this photograph.  It was taken at Arch Rock, Mackinac Island which is on Lake Huron in Michigan.

The photograph is not edited at all, the water really is that lovely bluey/green colour and crystal clear at the shore.  If more of the sky was in the shot you would be able to see how spectacular it was on this day too.

My shot was taken in June 2015 but this is also a view I enjoyed many times during June to September in 2001.  Last year was my first visit back to Mackinac and the ferry ride over felt a little like going home.