Airbnb – advice for a potential new host?


So there has been a lot going on the past wee while.  The main thing being I have bought a new house and the entry date is in around 6 weeks time.  For the moment I am living in my parents spare room, surrounded by boxes, bags, clothes…….it’s joyous!  I’ve been here almost 3 weeks, which has gone pretty quickly but I’m basically wearing the same 3 outfits in rotation as I can’t find anything else!

Anyway, last night the thought came to me that I could become an airbnb host, as my new home has 2 bedrooms.  The second was supposed to be used an my office, as I work mainly from home, however there is enough space in my bedroom to have a desk and enough cupboard space to hide all my admin stuff.

The thought came to me when I was looking for airbnb properties in Yorkshire.  I’ve never actually used the site at all before and that is why I think I must be a little crazy if thinking about hosting.

I get the general jist of how it all works.  I am currently pouring over the airbnb website and community forums and noting down little nuggets of information.

Does anyone have any stories/advice/help/information/warnings they would like to share?

I don’t have a property that would be overrun with bookings so I’m not expecting it be a major money spinner but it could be a useful extra income, to allow me to squirrel away some cash – which at present I don’t do (I know, naughty me.  Or completely foolish me may be more appropriate!).  There are a couple of airbnb rentals close to me and they seem to have fairly regular rentals judging by the reviews so it could be something that works.

It wouldn’t be something I could start straight after moving in (if I did decide to go ahead).  The house doesn’t need much done to it before I move in but I need a couple of months to find the spare cash to buy the furniture I’d need to fill the room.

There’s a lot to think about, a lot to research, a lot to consider. I tend to obsess over things for a while so the research will no doubt consume most of my free time (and some of my working time – 1st class procrastinator) until I decide what to do.

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

One of the flights of stairs you take on the way up to the Golden Gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral.  Not for the faint hearted – go early if you want to reach the top but are slightly claustrophobic; I wouldn’t like to climb these when there is a crowd!  I arrived just after opening and was one of only a handful of people at the top.

2014-07-07 09.52.07.jpg


Cherry on top

The good thing?  A 10 mile walk through the Lake District.  A short ferry ride from Bo’ness to Ambleside then uphill most of the way before taking in the cherry on top – the views.

2016-07-17 14.02.35

Another cherry on top from it – it was downhill all the way back to Windermere from here 🙂




Inshriach – near Aviemore

2016-07-07 18.30.35
Shed of the Year 2015

2016-07-07 18.33.412016-07-07 18.30.25

2016-07-07 18.45.58
Gin distillery

2016-07-07 20.26.11

2016-07-07 20.26.38
To the river!
2016-07-07 20.31.58
Beer Moth
2016-07-07 20.32.08
Beer Moth close up
2016-07-07 20.32.53
Inside the Beer Moth (also has a wood burner and sink)
2016-07-07 20.34.56
Get chopping
2016-07-07 20.36.22-1
Get chopping for the sauna
2016-07-07 20.36.40
Inside the sauna

2016-07-07 20.55.00


Last week I was at a work day out in Aviemore and we spent the night at a fabulous spot on the Inshriach House estate.  This place won Shed of the Year 2015 and I can confirm it is a thoroughly deserving winner.  Crossbill gin is distilled in the shed and it also includes a ladies waiting room, honesty store and small bar.  A 15 minute walk from the shed is the Beer Moth (the truck in the pictures) which you can rent out, there is a sauna in a shed nearby and another shed with a compost toilet.  They also have a shower and flushing toilet for use across from the main shed. I believe you can also stay in a yurt and a bothy and you are truly at one with nature out here!  I imagine it would be very unlikely to come across too many people so you will get some real peace and quite.  The main shed is a great party venue – they set us up a long picnic bench and served up a tasty bbq, we didn’t even mind when it rained a little later in the evening!

Have a look at this place if you are visiting the Aviemore area.  The lodgings can be rented through and you can get more info on the estate at






This weeks weekly photo challenge is ‘opposites’.

This picture has the green of the tree, with the barren, but completely breath-taking and mind-blowing, landscape of the Grand Canyon in the background.  It’s also a view over to the North Rim from the South Rim.

This was taken in the Grand Canyon National Park probably around 7.30am.  It had been a much earlier start for sunrise!