Airbnb – advice for a potential new host?


So there has been a lot going on the past wee while.  The main thing being I have bought a new house and the entry date is in around 6 weeks time.  For the moment I am living in my parents spare room, surrounded by boxes, bags, clothes…….it’s joyous!  I’ve been here almost 3 weeks, which has gone pretty quickly but I’m basically wearing the same 3 outfits in rotation as I can’t find anything else!

Anyway, last night the thought came to me that I could become an airbnb host, as my new home has 2 bedrooms.  The second was supposed to be used an my office, as I work mainly from home, however there is enough space in my bedroom to have a desk and enough cupboard space to hide all my admin stuff.

The thought came to me when I was looking for airbnb properties in Yorkshire.  I’ve never actually used the site at all before and that is why I think I must be a little crazy if thinking about hosting.

I get the general jist of how it all works.  I am currently pouring over the airbnb website and community forums and noting down little nuggets of information.

Does anyone have any stories/advice/help/information/warnings they would like to share?

I don’t have a property that would be overrun with bookings so I’m not expecting it be a major money spinner but it could be a useful extra income, to allow me to squirrel away some cash – which at present I don’t do (I know, naughty me.  Or completely foolish me may be more appropriate!).  There are a couple of airbnb rentals close to me and they seem to have fairly regular rentals judging by the reviews so it could be something that works.

It wouldn’t be something I could start straight after moving in (if I did decide to go ahead).  The house doesn’t need much done to it before I move in but I need a couple of months to find the spare cash to buy the furniture I’d need to fill the room.

There’s a lot to think about, a lot to research, a lot to consider. I tend to obsess over things for a while so the research will no doubt consume most of my free time (and some of my working time – 1st class procrastinator) until I decide what to do.

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated!



The rambler returns


hello I'm backHello all.  If you are still there.

It has been a number of months since my last post, a long absence, but I’m back now.

The updates from other pages have still been coming into my email for all those months and recently I thought about coming back, today’s the day.

A lot has been going on since my last post, some good, some not so, but I suppose I’ll get to that eventually.

My anxiety is not great right now.  I thought I managed to get it under control with acupuncture but unfortunately that seemed to be a short term fix only so I’ll try my rambling therapy again and hopefully it will help.

As long as I try I’m at least doing something.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

One of the flights of stairs you take on the way up to the Golden Gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral.  Not for the faint hearted – go early if you want to reach the top but are slightly claustrophobic; I wouldn’t like to climb these when there is a crowd!  I arrived just after opening and was one of only a handful of people at the top.

2014-07-07 09.52.07.jpg


Cherry on top

The good thing?  A 10 mile walk through the Lake District.  A short ferry ride from Bo’ness to Ambleside then uphill most of the way before taking in the cherry on top – the views.

2016-07-17 14.02.35

Another cherry on top from it – it was downhill all the way back to Windermere from here 🙂





2013-06-08 08.11.08

The Daily Post

This is one of the views I get on my favourite walking route near my home.  It’s very much my sanctuary.  I tend to go early in the morning, when I know there won’t be too many people about, so it’s quiet, peaceful, calm, relaxing.  I don’t wear earphones to listen to music when I’m walking, I like to hear the silence.  I love turning the corner onto this view, I know it’s coming and I start to smile.





Inshriach – near Aviemore

2016-07-07 18.30.35
Shed of the Year 2015

2016-07-07 18.33.412016-07-07 18.30.25

2016-07-07 18.45.58
Gin distillery

2016-07-07 20.26.11

2016-07-07 20.26.38
To the river!
2016-07-07 20.31.58
Beer Moth
2016-07-07 20.32.08
Beer Moth close up
2016-07-07 20.32.53
Inside the Beer Moth (also has a wood burner and sink)
2016-07-07 20.34.56
Get chopping
2016-07-07 20.36.22-1
Get chopping for the sauna
2016-07-07 20.36.40
Inside the sauna

2016-07-07 20.55.00


Last week I was at a work day out in Aviemore and we spent the night at a fabulous spot on the Inshriach House estate.  This place won Shed of the Year 2015 and I can confirm it is a thoroughly deserving winner.  Crossbill gin is distilled in the shed and it also includes a ladies waiting room, honesty store and small bar.  A 15 minute walk from the shed is the Beer Moth (the truck in the pictures) which you can rent out, there is a sauna in a shed nearby and another shed with a compost toilet.  They also have a shower and flushing toilet for use across from the main shed. I believe you can also stay in a yurt and a bothy and you are truly at one with nature out here!  I imagine it would be very unlikely to come across too many people so you will get some real peace and quite.  The main shed is a great party venue – they set us up a long picnic bench and served up a tasty bbq, we didn’t even mind when it rained a little later in the evening!

Have a look at this place if you are visiting the Aviemore area.  The lodgings can be rented through and you can get more info on the estate at